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Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #8

Have you ever arrived at Wednesday and realized the previous week was so busy you can't remember any
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #8
By Kris Vockler • Issue #8 • View online
Have you ever arrived at Wednesday and realized the previous week was so busy you can’t remember any of it? Yea, that was last week. Last week’s Sunday Roast was indeed forgotten. Sorry for that! Buddha would not be happy my mind was on autopilot. This would be the opposite of mindfulness. Yet, in the words of Leslie Chow, “But did you die?”
The rain has slowed in the Pacific NW, I have an outstanding latte in hand. It’s another beautiful day. Enjoy!

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." ~ Jerzy Gregorek | ©Kris Vockler
"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." ~ Jerzy Gregorek | ©Kris Vockler
Curious Stories from the Week
➕Photo above is one from a favorite place of mine, Death Valley. A place with both possibilities for some and dead ends for others. Which is the thought that struck me as I came across this sign. I recall making a decision to go left or right. To pick the easy choice or the hard choice. Which is such a metaphor for life, if you always pick the easy route, the scenery just isn’t as pretty. Jerzy Gregorek is an interesting fellow with a more interesting mental model on life.
Have I ever told you how grateful I am to have had dyslexia as a child? Thankfully, the brain has plasticity and can be shaped with new neural pathways. Dyslexics generally struggle to learn or interpret information compared to the general population of humans. Once we learn the best way to learn, anything is possible. One of the tools I had to learn and now employ the rest of my life was how to read. Some of the tools I use for comprehension and deeper learning while reading is how I take notes while reading. Dyslexic or not, anyone can do the same for greater engaged learning.
Does the Fyre festival sound familiar to you? In 2017 a new festival for rich, millennial, and social media obsessed popped up on the internet. A music venue and Coachella-like event in the Bahamas. But it flopped, hard. But people showed up. The story at the time about how loads of people showed up only to be stranded was mind blowing. This last week, both Hulu and Netflix released two slightly different versions of what happened. I have yet to watch the Netflix version, Fyre, but did watch the Hulu production Fyre Fraud. Enjoy a good train wreck? Like learning about how hype -marketing - works today in the world? Or maybe you just like a story about a master scam artist. This article will help you choose which to documentary to watch.
➕Watched A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa, and it really was good. When a movie makes me feel, it’s a darn good movie. A love story and a tragedy. Which did you like more, the Chris Christopherson/Babs version or Cooper/GaGa?
Need a pick-me-up or are you facing challenge in life? Go listen to Glorious by Macklemore. Get a little inspired.
➕If you missed my self-selected list of favorite photos from 2018, here it is a again.
Best Photos from 2018 - Top 10 List
Book Notes
Here is what I’m reading:
I’ve read a lot of books on company, product, and brand strategy. But it’s taken this book to get closer than ever to understanding. Dyslexic, remember. :)
Confidence and courage, two of my favorite topics. Not the end-all about the topic but a really great little book on Confidence, and the skills to reach it.
Quote I’m Pondering
“Confidence isn’t the belief that we won’t meet obstacles: it is the recognition that difficulties are an inescapable part of all worthwhile contributions.” ~The School of Life
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What’s with the name, Sunday Roast and Stories Mindfully Curated? Sunday is a good day to do a weekly review. A time to take stock in the past week and get ready for the next. Which is always done with a fine coffee beverage, hence the Roast part. Through the week I share articles and stories that mattered in the long-run, not bits that are of pop culture or political. My goal is always to seek information that is as unbiased as possible, interesting, or enriching. In other words, Mindfully Curated for you.
Some of the links in this newsletter are connected to affiliate marketing links, by which I get a small commission if you click through and buy the book or item from my link. No extra cost to you. All proceeds go to my off-road rally team of which, excess funds go to charity.
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Kris Vockler

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