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Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #15

Welp, last week's Roast wasn't a joke but it sure made for a good one. Thought I would keep it simple
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #15
By Kris Vockler • Issue #15 • View online
Welp, last week’s Roast wasn’t a joke but it sure made for a good one. Thought I would keep it simple, just send a photo. By the time the newsletter went out, it went without the only item in it, that photo. Not to fear, it’s below. I’m itching to get out hiking, in some warm weather. Another beautiful day in the Pacific NW. Enjoy!

© Kris Vockler
© Kris Vockler
Interesting From The Week
+ Can we just get rid of Daylight Savings Time already? No new articles read, just a continual want/desire twice a year.
+ Casey Newton is a reporter on Silicon Valley, and he’s worth a follow.
The Interface | Revue
+ Casey Newton has been closely following Facebook and general social media issue. One that really hit me is how many people work for companies that have to physically (mean visually) watch videos and content intended to be uploaded to social media. And it’s killing them. They watch the nasty, deathly, visually horrible and conspiracy crazy; all before we get to see it on social media.
The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America - The Verge
And that’s all I have this week. Besides zoning out on “Million Dollar Listing” and “The Voice,” things are quite busy around here.
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What’s with the name, Sunday Roast and Stories Mindfully Curated? Sunday is a good day to do a weekly review. A time to take stock in the past week and get ready for the next. Which is always done with a fine coffee beverage, hence the Roast part. Through the week I share articles and stories that mattered in the long-run, not bits that are of pop culture or political. My goal is always to seek information that is as unbiased as possible, interesting, or enriching. In other words, Mindfully Curated for you.
Some of the links in this newsletter are connected to affiliate marketing links, by which I get a small commission if you click through and buy the book or item from my link. No extra cost to you. All proceeds go to my off-road rally team of which, excess funds go to charity.
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