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Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #1

Another great Sunday in the Pacific NW! With all the links I share, I have attempted to provide the l
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated
Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated - Issue #1
By Kris Vockler • Issue #1 • View online
Another great Sunday in the Pacific NW! With all the links I share, I have attempted to provide the least biased and more complete picture. But there is always bias, you owe it to yourself to not only check out the links but to ask, do you believe it? Why or why not? Where can you find more info to get a better picture? 
This week is Thanksgiving in the US, one we spend with family and friends. Last week’s Sunday Roast was a no-show due to travel for the holiday. But this week, the Roast is strong and ready for you. Take note that I am experimenting with a new medium for this newsletter and I always want your feedback on how I can improve both the format and what I share.

© Kris Vockler | "On Top of the World" in Moab
© Kris Vockler | "On Top of the World" in Moab
Curious Stories from the Week
🐟How we killed off the huge Chinook Salmon of the Pacific Northwest. Fascinating and painful video of historical - and mythical - Chinook Salmon of the Columbia River that divides Washington and Oregon, seen below.
How we killed off the giant salmon of the Pacific Northwest in 50 years on Vimeo
How we killed off the giant salmon of the Pacific Northwest in 50 years on Vimeo
You may be surprised to know that fish stock in the US is monitored and studied by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), check out this video of how they use science in the monitoring process. While you are at it, go see this video by the Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau. Commercial fishermen in the 1970s had all but decimated the salmon in SE Alaska, so they banded together in self-taxing so they could establish a hatchery system to sustain their future livelihood.
😱Anyone who knows me, knows I love to overcome fear. Many are surprised to learn I have fears. It’s not that I like to overcome fear, it’s that I have more important things to do than let fear stand in the way. Rest assured, I work very hard to overcome them (read one of my favorite blog posts on the subject, Managing Fear & Having Courage). You can defeat them - more use them - and muster courage and confidence. Have a fear getting in the way of your dreams and aspirations? Start with these inspiring TED Talks:
10 Inspiring TED Talks That Will Help You Overcome Your Fears
🆘Join my company and me in helping some great people in great need. You may have seen in the news stories of the most significant fires in California’s history. As of today, over 700 people are still missing and 83 dead in a fire outside Chico, California. Another fire in Ventura County (North of Los Angeles) - not to mention a shooting at a popular bar at the same time - has displaced thousands and destroyed whole communities. Through the network of Community Foundations across the US, we have chosen two that will help those in great immediate need: Ventura County Community Foundation and North Valley Community Foundation. Soon, keep a watch for some new work I hope to do with the Community Foundation of SW Washington.
Book Notes
📚Books I’m reading that I highly recommend.
Ego Free Leadership: Ending the Unconscious Habits that Hijack Your Business
📖 Quote I’m Pondering
“The ego shines a light on the invisible ways in which we (individuals, teams, entire organizations) are often not truly committed to our most important endeavors. Not because we don’t want them but because our self-worth is threatened in some way.” ~ Shayne Hughes
What did you think of the newsletter this week?
I really want to hear your thoughts, just reply to email 📧 me or tweet me 🐤@krisvockler.
What’s with the name, Sunday Roast and Stories Mindfully Curated? Sunday is a good day to do a weekly review. A time to take stock in the past week and get ready for the next. Which is always done with a fine coffee beverage, hence the Roast part. Through the week I share articles and stories that mattered in the long-run, not bits that are of pop culture or political. My goal is always to seek information that is as unbiased as possible, interesting, or enriching. In other words, Mindfully Curated for you.
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Kris Vockler

Sunday Roast | Curious Stories Mindfully Curated. A Sunday newsletter of interesting stories curated for you on photography, leadership, courage, books, and other important items (like some philanthropy, a little offroad driving, and some environment). All meant to inspire and inform.

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